Monday, September 14, 2009

Unorganized and humbled

Okay, so this is the part where I have to admit just how unorganized I have become over this past period of sickness. I hate to admit it, but I must.

Today, on our agenda for after Boy A got home from school was homework, swim lessons, picnic at the park, get football attire from Grandma M's house (she took him to his last game two weeks ago and his stuff was still over there), go to Boy A's football game. Right? Yeah, maybe not so much. This is where the unorganized part comes in.

I was running errands when Boy A got home from school. When I got back, I asked Hubby if he had found Boy A's swim trunks. He forgot to look for them. So, it is half an hour before swim lessons and we're looking frantically for the trunks. Not anywhere to be found. We decide that he will miss lessons today. Boy B isn't feeling the greatest anyhow, so...sure.

We all leave to go run an errand that is CLEAR across town, to pay our garbage bill, so that, you know, garbage will be picked up tomorrow. It's kind of an important thing. I was sure they were open until 4:30. Nope, 3:30. Yi! So we had just driven all the way across town for nothing.

Since we were on that side of town, we decided to stop by to say hi to Grandma S (my mom), and see if she would want to keep the Littles (Girlie and Boy C) while we took Boy A to his game. She most happily agreed and the kids were excited to be there as well. Boy B decided he wanted to go there as well, so we let him.

So then, it was Hubby, Boy A and I. It was nice. We decided to do something special that we don't do often, so we took him out to dinner before the game. We ate at one of our favorite family restaurants, RR.

The selling point was that a friend of ours (who became a friend after we met him at RR) was likely working. He didn't answer his phone when I called, so it was a fairly safe guess. He was likely to be working or maybe playing basketball... So, we go in and he's working! Boy A was ecstatic!

This friend of ours, Server J, happens to be someone that Boy A looks up to and admires. Why? We haven't the slightest clue. But Server J is wonderful with kids, and our kids in particular. Boy A even tried to convince him to leave work and come watch his football game, because he could just work tomorrow instead (Server J's day off). :) It's cute.

So, we ate dinner and then Hubby and Boy A played a couple of arcade games. After all, what restaurant trip (that has an arcade) is complete without wasting playing a game or two?

Then off to Grandma M's to get football attire. We get there, get Boy A changed and head to the field. It was at this point that I realize I don't know which field Boy A is playing on. So I call Coach J. He says we are on Field 1.

We arrive and then I realize we don't know which of the numerous fields is Field 1. Hubby points out the first field we see. I say, "that can't be it, let's drive down there." So, Hubby obliges me and we drive down there. I see a sign that says Fields 1-4, and am just about to say how I knew that first field wasn't it, when Hubby drives by the sign again and reads, "Baseball fields 1-4" Okay. So, I have no clue where we actually need to be and I admit that to Hubby and ask him to call the Coach. I don't want to look as highly unorganized as I actually am, you know? So, he obliges me again and calls.

His end of the conversation:
"Hey J, we thought we knew where Field 1 was, but we don't have the field map with us. Which one is it?
"Oh really? Sure, sure I know that one."
Sideways glance at me to make sure I'm listening.
"Okay, the first field when we enter the park? Okay, we'll head back up that way."

No comment to Coach J about how he thought that was the correct field, nor that his wife was sure that it was not the right field, nor that he went with my plan just to appease me. Just a simple, "Okay, we'll head back up that way."

Hmmm. It made me think. If the situation were reversed, I'm sure I would have said that I thought that was the correct field. I may have even said that Hubby thought it was not the right field but that we had gone with his directions instead. But Hubby didn't do that to me. Hmmm. Seems to me that I learned a quick little lesson there by example. And it showed me where I wasn't right. (And I do so enjoy being right, if you cannot tell by my eagerness to point that out to Hubby when we had arrived at the Baseball Field 1 parking lot.)

So, we drive back to Field 1. We get out and Boy A hustles over to the field, ahead of us (since we are now not only unorganized, but also...late) and he joins his team. Hubby and I leisurely stroll through the grass, holding hands and talking on the way over. He actually still wanted to hold my hand, after I'd been so not nice.

We sit down and watch our boy and enjoy our time (relatively) alone. Our team won, which was nice because every team we're up against this year is "better" than ours. It's just the way our team was divisionalized.

And one of the great parts? We got Boy A's football photo and team composite photo back. We had gotten the smallest package available, with the addition of a button (the package came with one, but this way, we could both wear one) and a key chain, which Hubby claimed for himself. I had been concerned about not getting a bigger package, but when I saw the picture, I was so glad that we had chosen a smaller, inexpensive package.

The photo itself was okay, but I guess I'm just a photo snob used to the photos that Hubby's cousin takes, especially for the price we paid. In the end though, its worth it to us to have the team photo and buttons and key chain. I'm just glad that I didn't plan on giving any football photos out. Maybe if (and this is a BIG if) Boy A plays a different league of football, that will be different, but at this level and on this league, we won't be.

We leave and stop by the store to pick up a photo frame (which itself was $3.00, yet somehow we walked out of the store spending $40.00?) and then went to get the Youngers (Boys B and C, along with Girlie) from Grandma S. By the time we get home, it's an hour and a half past bedtime and the kids fall into bed pretty quickly.

Then I realize...Boy A never got his homework corrected and Boy B did very little of his because I wanted to go to a place that was closed to pay a bill and said we could come back to it later. Hmmm.

Oh...and by the way, the swim trunks? They were in the van, ready to go.

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