Thursday, September 17, 2009

Fitness Journey

I'm overweight. Most of America is. I get by just fine and I'm not actually that uncomfortable with my body. But at the same time, I would like to lose some weight. I will post a photo of what I look like right now. Well, not right this instant, as I'm sitting here blogging in my jammies and I don't think Hubby would want a picture of me in my jammies on the internet whether I'm a size 20 or a size 4. Just for the record, I'm a 20.

Anyhow, this is my picture. I'm the one on the left. You may notice that its the picture that I grabbed my profile picture from. Seated next to me is one of my best friend's sisters. I have known H since she was, oh, two days old or so? Probably something like that. I don't think I saw her while she was in the hospital but I know I saw her early on in her life.

So, the purpose of this post is to start documenting my work towards slimming down and toning up. Now, other than chasing after kids and the routine housework, I don't really work out at all all that much. So today will begin my journey of daily workouts and recording them. I will also keep an update going on weight lost or gained and how the clothes are fitting. I don't really care about the exact number on the scale. What I care about is wanting to get into a size 12. That was the size I was when I got married and I'd love to get back to it, but it will take a lot of work to do it. So here we go! Wish me luck!

Time For Me Thursday

I came across a wonderful blog the other day, Crafts by Katie. What a read! I loved it! And I liked the themes I saw there. So I did what any blogger should do. I emailed her and asked if I could use her graphics and her ideas for Thursdays and Fridays. And you know what? She agreed! YAY! Thanks Katie! So, before I go on to the part, I want you all to know that if you click on the sunflower picture, you will be redirected to Katie's blog (and really, you should go check it out. I liked it.)

Okay, now to what I am doing for myself today. Well, it actually seems like something that would be for Boy A, but really it is for me too, although he will benefit as well. Today, I am meeting with one of his teachers. I want to get to the bottom of some home/school issues that have been plaguing Boy A since the start of school this year. I started this process yesterday and today, I will finish it.

Then, once I am done meeting with this teacher, I will sign up for the training class to be able to help in the classroom. I love to teach (though I have only taught brief classes at the elementary level, as I don't have a teaching certificate and I'm not a teacher) and I love kids. Oh, and the subject that I'm looking to help out in will be either 3rd Grade Math or the computer lab, as I love both subjects. I will also probably put in a few appearances in the Kindergarten room as well.

Now, why is that "for me" I bet you are wondering. Well, the meeting is for me, because every single day after school, we are faced with this emotional drudgery from Boy A from something that happened at school and this is the teacher that he gets into the most trouble with. It may also help because if Boy A needs services of some sort or an alternative plan, this is also the person I would talk to about that.

The second part of it is signing up to help in the classroom. I just love it. Especially the subjects. I'm the math nerd person who signed up and took classes to become an tax preparer just for fun. That was three years ago, I believe, and I haven't honestly used my training, though I do a rough set of figures before we go in to have our lady, Preparer V, do our taxes. I just love math.

I also love computers. I love learning and teaching myself new skills on computers. I love looking up information and learning it so I can apply it. It's so much fun. And yes, I am a computer geek person.

I have been contemplating a career in teaching. This may help me decide whether or not to pursue it. The only thing is, I would want to pursue elementary education. Which would require a four year college, which costs a lot of money. Money I don't have to spend on education right now. So, we shall see. If it is meant to be, a path will open up.

What are you doing for yourself today? Make sure that you make time for yourself every single day. You need to take care of you so that you can take care of others. Head on over to Katie's Blog and see what she is doing for herself too.