Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Tackle It Tuesday

This week's tackle was a big one! We rearranged our family room to make it more conducive to use for the purposes we intend for it. Our family room is a longer, semi-narrow room, that we use for so many different things.

It is where our family computer is located. It is where the boys do homework and other side lessons. It is where the kids read books and watch movies. It is also our family's main entrance into our house. (Only guests and service people use the front door) So many uses, yet this is the room that also sees the biggest amount of clutter and disorganization. So I had to change that.

First step was to move van seats out of the room (they are supposed to go out to the garage, but it was raining so Hubby put them in our unused playroom) and then clear off the deep freeze and move that into the place previously occupied by the van seats. This serves a couple of good purposes which you can read about here.

The second step was to clean out the area where the deep freeze had been. Once that was done, we decided to move the Bigs' desks down here. The boys don't use the desks in their room and just allow them to be catch-all surfaces in their rooms. So, to alleviate that, the desks were moved. You can read about our desk organization process here.

Then it was just a matter of fully cleaning the room. Picking up and discarding trash and clutter that had accumulated around the room. We keep a big can for soda cans next to the computer desk because Hubby likes soda. A lot. And he drinks it mostly at the desk. So, to make it easiest for him to dispose of his cans and not let them all pile up on the desk, we placed this can nearby. It sometimes work. The ratio of it working vs. not working is much better than the ratio when it was up in the kitchen, so progress at least, right?

We also moved my desk down from our bedroom. My laptop will be working again this week so I have my desk down here as a place to use it and store it. Plus, it will also be a good place to keep track of all of our monthly things that need to be kept track of. Household management and all that.

So now our family room has been tackled. It still needs a good honest cleaning, but it's decluttered and organized, so now all that is left to tackle is the actual cleaning (vacuuming, dusting, windows, glass, carpet cleaning, wiping down walls, etc.) Yay! :)