Saturday, September 19, 2009

Sleepover Saturday

Today was Saturday! The day of the sleepover! Yay! So much fun to be had. We started out the day by cleaning a bit. You know, the routine pre-company clean that you do when you know in advance that you're having company? Hubby got the boys' bedroom carpet cleaned and the playroom, well, it didn't get done. It worked out, though, because the kids didn't go in there hardly at all.

So, I call and talk to Girl L's stepmom and make plans to pick her up about an hour later. We head out and pick her up at 2:00. She is all ready to go and her dad, BFF N, and I chat for a few minutes in their yard, where he and Girl L have been tearing down old fencing and putting up new fence. (I'll have to have him come over here next to do our yard!)

We leave and head over to my in-law's house, where there is quite the group gathering already there. My mother-in-law (MIL) and father-in-law (FIL) were there, of course. My two brothers-in-law (BIL D and BIL N) and BIL D's girlfriend (GF J) were there as well. Hubby's grandma (GGJ) was there as well. And then, of course, our brood plus Girl L plus our dog, Freddy.

The kids head downstairs to the computer room and spend time playing on their Webkinz accounts. Boy A, Boy B and Girl L all have the animals and their own accounts. And apparently, this one-player at a time game is a spectator sport because the three of them did very well down there for almost two hours, taking turns and watching each other play. Yes, you heard me read that right. They took turns. For two hours. No fights erupting, nothing but giggles and friendly chatter from the computer room for two hours. I love having an extra kid over!

Meanwhile, Boy C was left to his own devices to play and was amused by simply playing with this toy that I'm sure every human being that has been a toddler in the last thirty years has played with. He loved it! He sat there for at least a good half hour, pulling the lever, listening to the sound and then giggling. Pull lever, listen, giggle, and repeat. For thirty minutes. I was sick of hearing it by the time he was done.

And Girlie was upstairs causing mischief of her own. As I rounded the corner from the mudroom after being with the big kids and Boy C in the basement, she jumped out and said "Boo!" Little booger!

I sit down to watch the football game with Hubby and his family and of course, snap some quick pics of his family from where I am sitting and just sit back and enjoy the get-together. I like our college team and football...just not so much on television. I'd much rather be there in person. So much better that way! This pic shows FIL and Hubby and GGJ.

Across from me, GF J went to sit back down next to BIL D but Girlie tried to sneak in under her.

My two BILs were sitting next to each other. It was a rather interesting time with the two of them. At random moments, they would burst out in song and sing together. It had nothing at all to do with anything going on at the moment, but for the most part, it sounded like they were two drunk college frat boys. Okay, one is in college and the other is waiting to get into medical school, but still... And the other interesting thing was that the more they drank, the less they did it. Kinda made me feel like scratching my head. And I think GF J is thinking about reconsidering her decision to potentially someday join the family. Can't say that I blame her, though! :)

Boy C decided to come up and join the family when he heard lots of cheering and loud noises. He started out with Uncle D (BIL D) but then decided that it was safer with Daddy (aka Hubby). Can't say that I blame him either. And I loved this pic so much that I decided to crop it and put it in a frame.

The big kids also resurfaced, though mainly for food and drink. They weren't up for very long before heading back to the computer room again. But while they were in the kitchen, I was able to actually take a picture of Girl L while she was looking at the camera. I got a number of pictures of the side of her head, but very few head-on shots.

Freddy thought it was too loud, so he made himself a comfy (to him) rest area behind the couch where the BILs and GF J were sitting. He stayed there most of the day. I wouldn't think that a brick hearth would be all that comfortable, but then again, I'm not a Cocker Spaniel. A fluffy Cocker at that too.

During half-time, BIL N went out into the sunroom/playroom to play with Girlie and then they ventured outside to play for a bit. They were outside playing for a bit and then before the game started back up, BIL N had her come inside. She was not pleased with this and sat on a bench in the mudroom, pouting. I tried to get a picture of her sitting there, pouting but she ran off towards the basement and closed the door. She was really angry. And I'm such a mean mommy by trying to get a picture of her being upset. But come on, who wouldn't?

The big kids had come upstairs during half-time as well and when they decided to go back downstairs, they discovered that the door was locked. And MIL wasn't sure if she had a key for it or not. She called upon BIL D to attempt to pick the lock and BIL D called upon Boy B to be his assistant. BIL D is the second child, so I guess he thought that Boy B would be a good assistant since he is also a second child.

Unfortunately, they were unable to get the lock opened, and MIL eventually went upstairs to her bedroom to get her set of extra keys. A large set of keys on a keychain, all unmarked, going to who knows what. She hands it to BIL D and he picks one out and opens the door on the first try. Way to go, BIL D! Of course, Miss Crabby little Girlie wasn't happy that her sanctuary had been invaded, but the rest of us were pleased about that.

So, I took the kids outside to play. All five of them. There was much fun to be had out of doors. There were toys to be ridden on, a disc swing to swing on, a slide to slide down, a tree to be climbed...and as you will see, yes, Girl L is wearing a brace, and yes, she is climbing a tree with a broken wrist. But Hubby is a tall adult and was actually able to lift her down from the tree with ease. And now, I leave you with pictures...enjoy!