Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Tackle It Tuesday

Tackle It Tuesday

I am determined that today will be much better planned and followed through with. Yesterday was a horribly planned day. Well, actually, it was well planned. The plan just was not followed. So today, hopefully, we can change that. And just for the record, by "we" I mean "I" because yesterday's plan deviations were all me.

Yesterday's lessons learned, and it is on to today.

  • Boy A needs to correct his homework

  • Boy B needs to finish his homework
    (Side note: Didn't get it done so went in and talked to his teacher. She hadn't expected it to all be done yet, so I marked it off. He worked on some of it.)

I need to:

  • clean the living room

  • bring blocks and other small kid toys up from the playroom

  • find out if our dry erase board is also magnetic(It is!)

  • get ready for Boy C's teacher and coordinator to come over

After teaching, then I need to:

  • take the Littles (this is Girlie and Boy C) to Grandma M's house, so she can watch them

  • go pay a couple of bills (including that garbage bill, ugh!)

  • come home, make sure I look presentable and go in to a company for a job interview

  • come back home, pick up the house a bit

  • NAP (as I work nights, I need to sleep some during the day)

  • wake up, get kids from Grandma M and come home Well, this one I delegated, but it still got done. That counts right?

  • make dinner, get kids going on homework Also delegated, but still it is done.

  • attend a Mary Kay party held by my friend, Server G

  • come home, get kids ready for bed Hubby got the kids to bed while I was at the Mary Kay party. How awesome is that? Thanks Sweetie!

  • spend some quality time with Hubby

  • go to work

There are a few things on my list that I can pass off to Hubby (and likely will, just for sanity and time reasons) but overall, I think that plan should work and work well.

But for now, I must get started on some of the pre-teaching stuff.

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The Real Me! said...

Man, I'm tired just reading of all the things you're tackling. I hope it all goes as planned.
Have a great day.

Deanne said...

Thanks! I actually got everything done that I needed to prior to the teaching appointment, so now it is on to the "post teaching" list. It's going well...

Susie said...

Good luck on that tackle list:-)

shopannies said...

love how organized you are I was that way and need to be again good luck on tackling the day