Monday, October 19, 2009

Not Me!

There is a blog carnival that I had never heard of before at a blog that I had never heard of before either. This weekend I once again ran across this blog "Feels Like Chaos" and that blog had a post and a link to this blog "MckMama" which hosts "Not Me Monday" each week, which sounded like quite a bit of fun, so here I joining in. Hmmm, a few things from last week that my kids and I surely did NOT do:

1. Boy A did NOT wake up at 3:30 on Sunday morning and since he was already up, I did NOT suggest that he give me a hand with newspapers. And while doing so, he did NOT deliver each and every newspaper (with full supervision of course!) on my route for a point equivalent of a penny per paper.

2. Boys A and B did NOT begin rearranging furniture in our house at 6:30 on Sunday morning either. And I did NOT just sit there and watch them do it.

3. Girlie did NOT sleep in a recliner almost every night last week. And of course, I did NOT just let her stay there since she would have been so adorable sleeping there like that.

4. My kids did NOT play in a pile of clean laundry last Friday, which did NOT in turn prompt me to need to rewash half of it. And I did NOT in turn get upset with them, since I have endless patience and I so enjoy doing laundry.

5. Hubby and I did NOT have childcare arranged for Friday night so we could go grocery shopping without the kiddos and then sneak dinner at a restaurant into our trip. Surely we would not have done that!

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