Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Job Huntin'

I have been nervous about putting out applications and resumes because I'm a really shy person (What? Doesn't it show?) and the whole process just leaves me a bundle of nerves. But there are two companies that are hiring that I have worked in conjunction with through an old job and I really kind of need a new job. So I took the plunge and did it.

The first company I stopped to apply with, I also had an on-the-spot interview. I knew that I would before I went in there, so I set it up for a time when I would have time to do an interview as well. It went really well! I filled out a bunch of paperwork and then turned that in, then I had the interview. I first heard of the company through one of their contracted workers. I couldn't remember her name, though. But when the lady who interviewed me asked about it, I told her that I thought the lady's name was Nancy and she said a last name and I said that I thought it sounded familiar. She then started describing this person and it was the same person I was talking about. As it turns out, the fact that Nancy referred me to the company, I guess, says a lot. So, I have a bit of an "in" there already. I have to pay $15.00 for a criminal background check (it's blank, but I understand their need to do it) and then I'll find out in about two weeks if I have a spot or not.

The second company I have also worked in conjunction with through my old job. I stopped in there to drop off my resume, even though their ad had requested that resumes be mailed in. There was a guy walking through the lobby who offered to help me and I told him that I was there to drop off my resume and he said that I needed to talk to Mandy, and that she was "kinda the one who runs everything" around there. So he went in and got her. Mandy comes out of the office, looks at me and just halts. "Tell me how we know each other!" she exclaims. I feel like a deer in the headlights because I have no clue who she is. But I improvise and tell her that I used to work with this other company and that we shared a few clients and that is probably how she knows me. I also tell her that the head nurse on the clients that I personally had was Jackie. She nods her head towards the office and said that Jackie was actually in the office at that point. And then she offers to go get me an application as well. So, I'm standing there and Mandy is heading back towards me after grabbing the application down the hallway and Jackie comes out of the office. She glances at me then starts to head in the opposite direction towards Mandy. Suddenly, she stops, turns around and with wide eyes says, "Remind me of the connection." She remembered me! I wasn't sure that she would. So I mentioned that she and I had shared two clients, one whose name I remembered and one whose name I didn't. I mention the town where the family lived and the fact that they lived on a vineyard and then both she and Mandy said the family's last name at the same time. We briefly reminisce about the experience and then she asked me what I was doing there. I told her I was applying for a job and she went all smiles and said how she'd love to work with me again. I have the application and I need to fill it out and take it back in. I would have done it right there on the spot, but I didn't have enough time, as I had to leave to go get kids from school, which they both understood.

So, two good job prospects. One working as a private duty health care worker, the other as a CNA with a great hospice company. Hospice is a branch of my field that I really have a passion for. I have heard that it takes a special kind of person to be able to do it, but I don't feel special. Its just something that I enjoy doing. I like working with the families and the patients and being there to help them through an extremely hard time in all of their lives. It can be incredibly difficult for me, as I get attached to the clients and their families, but if I didn't, then I should just change my field completely.

When I was in school for my CNA, one of my instructors read a line out of our text book that said to remain impartial to the clients/patients. She put the book down and said, "If that ever happens, if you cannot connect with the patients, if you do not care about them, quit and find a new profession. Because you will be worthless to the patient. You cannot do this job well and remain impartial. It just cannot happen." I liked that thought and I haven't had to "try" to do it. It's natural. I love my line of work and the people I care for.

Anyhow, hopefully I will have some good news to report back to you all on.

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